Walking in Exmoor & North Devon

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Terrain:- Mainly level with gentle hills.
Refreshment:- Exmoor Forest Pub and Boveys Tea Rooms at Simonsbath.
Map:- Explorer OL 9

Simonsbath walk

Simonsbath walk

Simonsbath walk

  Simonsbath to Prayway Head - Approx 3.5 miles

The Route: The walk begins from the path leading from the top tier of the public carpark and rises through the wood for a short distance before it levels out. After a while you drop down into a small valley and ford a small stream with stepping stones. Leaving the wood follow the well marked yellow posts showing the route of the path across the open pasture land reaching a small wicket gate at the top corner. Stop for a while to admire the view.

Continue following the yellow posts up and onto the open moorland. Head for a field gate at the top and go though it keeping the hedgebank to your left and follow the signs to Prayway Head.

Follow the hedge to the road and go through the wicket gate, turn right and follow the road for about 200 yards to a small layby. At the layby go through the gate and follow the path into the field, head for the small wicket gate on the right and go through it keeping the Cornish hedge to your left and follow the hedge to the top corner and go through the gate then immediately turn left and follow the blue signs to Simonsbath.

Continue towards another gate at the bottom, avoiding the sheep pens and walk diagonally across the field to the small wicket gate in the distance keeping the steep valley to your left. Cross a further field to another wicket gate still keeping the valley and Limecombe Cottage to your left. The path leads into another field crossing to a further gate. Go through and immediately turn left to the edge of some woodland. Follow the blue way markers leading down through the wood and eventually reaching the main road.

After just a few yards cross the road and follow the footpath signposted Simonsbath. Go down the hill and pass through a further gate and turn left following a well marked path along the edge of the Upper Barle crossing over several plank bridges before returning to Simonsbath.


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